What is Sanscript?

Sanscript is a space to advance our knowledge and understanding. We cover topics that matter and lead the discussions beyond chatter. We intend to move the public dialogue from “few ideas, reiterated” to “new ideas, iterated”.

Ground Rules for Samvad:

  1. Promote civil discourse. We do not allow hate words/speech even for the entities which are evident to be harmful, bad, and unacceptable for humanity. We encourage pointing out faults/problems/issues without the intent of hate.

  2. For any significant error (that can change the intent/meaning), we follow an equal impact correction policy. If we send an email/post with information that turns out to be untrue, we shall send the same level of communication for correction instead of sneaking the change in the post later.

  3. All Challenges and POVs are most welcome. We see our content to be work-in-progress. Even if a post has been published, we welcome arguments that can prove it wrong.

  4. Ensure explanations for the terms/claims to avoid misunderstanding. While claiming “XYZ is good for us”, it would help if you start by defining what is ‘good’ and ‘us’ in the said context.

  5. Along with well-worded arguments, we encourage identification of the basis of such argument. Promote the use of Pramana in arguments: Pratyakṣa (perception), Anumāṇa (inference), Upamāṇa (comparison and analogy), Arthāpatti (postulation, derivation from circumstances), Anupalabdhi (non-perception, negative/cognitive proof) and Śabda (word, testimony of past or present reliable experts).

Blog vs Newsletter:

We create posts on our blog which are filled over time by the means of improvisations, debates, and discussions. Instead of sending the post to the newsletter upfront, we send the post into the newsletter when we are confident that it is complete enough.

Join the crew:

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